Air Freight

Through our growing global network we are able to offer a full suite of import and export airfreight services to and from any destination worldwide. By partnering with premier airlines with bilateral security agreements (BSA) we are able to control transit times, space allocation and offer greater flexibility allowing us to deliver a premium service to you and your customers.


Land Sea Freight

Aero Freight Nepal can avail various modes of transportation to get your shipment(s) delivered to the ultimate consignees. Being a Total Transportation Solutions provider, we can mix modes of shipping for your goods to reach home conveniently and cost effectively. Like air-sea, air-land, sea-land etc. Inter-modal transportation has proved to be a cost-effective and an innovative solution.


Worldwide Door to door

Service and control on your goods on a door to door basis is an integral part of working with us. We are the best way for heavy cargo and export cargo customer to handle all necessity tasks from pick/up, packing,, customer clearance & transportation from shipper door to consignee door with safe, on time, affordable and guaranteed delivery, also we assure you one day faster which helps you to promote your business.


Courier Services

On demand, nationwide, door to door, same day courier services are also instantly available twenty four hours per day on every day of the year, including public or bank holidays. This special immediate delivery service can be obtained by asking for our Special Services. Just because you’re using a cheap parcel courier doesn’t mean that you can’t have a speed of service that suits your needs.


Exhibitions & Events

Exhibitions are your chance to show off. Whether you’re showcasing a product, a skill or a service, these events are designed to provide you with the perfect platform to present your business at it's best. These events are unique in that they offer a place to capture qualified clients or leads face-to-face. Aero Freight Nepal provides qualitative service in organizing exhibitions and events.


Customs Clearance

It involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country, representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty. Laws are a bit different from country to country, sometimes from port to port within a country, making someone who specializes in customs clearance very important to a shipper exporting and importing goods.


Live Animal Handling

Animals have been transported by air since the early 1930's. In today's modern world, carriage of live animals by air is considered the most humane and expedient method of transportation over long distances. Aero Freight Nepal is the worldwide standard for transporting live animals by commercial airlines. The objective of the LAR is to ensure all animals are transported safely and humanely by air.


Packing & Removals

Aero Freight Nepal offers finding and removal of packing service to meet your needs and budget. If you’d prefer to pack your own belongings, we can supply all the packing materials you need. We will supply you with packing materials to pack most items yourself, and our professional. we carefully pack your delicate belongings, and give tips on packing yourself.


Warehousing & Distribution

Through our extensive network of dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations, we enable you to react to rapid changes in the market place while minimising your investment risks and operational costs. Our supply chain integration services allow you to react to rapid changes in the market place while minimising your investment risks and operational costs.


Project Logistics

Your logistics plan will be customized for your unique project cargo needs—from a comprehensive, pre-shipment evaluation of potential risks and deficiencies to route and port surveys, coordination of proper packaging of components, required documentation handling, and shipping option analysis. Understand what’s impacting your project cargo costs and delivery schedules and receive solutions to fix them.


Critical Shipments & AOG

When you need expedited freight solutions count on us for nonstop, door-to-door, time-specific delivery. With the Shipping Toolkit, you get instant rate quotes, schedule shipments online, track your freight from pickup through delivery and review the documents associated with your shipment. Aircraft on Ground is a term in aviation maintenance indicating that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying.


Office & Residential Relocation Services

You can be assured of a completely hassle free and stress-free move as we take care of all the crucial steps involved. Our relocation services encompass every aspects, from the packing of goods, getting relevant documents to customs clearances and freight, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

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